Artists On The Rise: Meital Dohan is the Future ‘Queen of Performance Art’

Sex, glitter, lipstick, love, and peace are a few words that come to mind with the mention of Israeli triple threat Meital Dohan.  The actress turned sizzling sexy pop star, is a well-rounded performance artist having got her start as an actress at the ripe age of 13 in her native country.  Known for her role in the Showtime hit series WEEDS, her role in Woke Up Dead, the drama thriller Monogamy- not to mention her slew of award-winner of an Israeli Tony and two Israeli Academy Award nominations for Best Actress; its safe to say Meital Dohan is vying for the title: Queen of Performance Art.

Meital Dohan

Transitioning into a singer was never in Meital’s plans, however after a spiritual awakening she decided to pursue a new path, and since then she hasn’t looked back. With her top charting singles “On Ya” featuring Sean Kingston and “Yuumy” Meital is preparing to drop her debut album, “I Am In Hate With Love.” She opened up to Artists on the Rise about her new music career, sexy image, plus more.

You were blessed to know your life passion for the stage and acting at the age of 13, how does it feel to be living your dream and fulfilling your destiny?

The beauty about reality and life is that no matter what you do it is a dream. There is only so much we can know about really whats going on on this planet. However me and expressing myself through my art is just trying to follow the bigger plan in my role in planet and spread the light.

You have an extensive resume as an actress, staring in plays, films, and television series appearances what was is like to transition into another kind of performance art as a pop star?

In music I get to be part of many different part of many aspects of creations and giving my input in all artistic elements including video, looks, design, etc. It’s similar as an actor but unless you are a producer and writer on the project you are more the tool in the hand of the director.

How does Meital the singer differ from Meital Dohan the actress?

Meital the singer is crazy, bold, wild, experimenting. Meital the actress is really much more invisible, because I’m trying to become someone else, rather than an extension of me. In acting I try to forget myself and completely lose myself in the character I’m playing. In everything you communicate through your vocals to your audience as an actor you communicate with words, texts and emotions with your partner through your audience.

How did your singing career and work with Grammy Award winning producer Che Pope come about?

It was not something I had planned for, yet it felt like a seamless new part of my life. I actually met with a Spiritual Guide in Israel and she told me that I needed to be making music. Immediately after this meeting I met Che at a party and we just organically wanted to work together. So it happened in a very fortuitous manner and I embrace this in all aspects of my life.

What was it like working with Sean Kingston?  He’s from Jamaica and you are from Israel, the international chemistry was awesome. What inspired you to ad an island vibe to “On Ya?”

I think we didn’t plan for that in so much as we wanted to bring both of our flavors to the video and song since it was a collaboration. The song is all about letting loose, having fun, and always living in the moment. The Island theme embraces this mentality -it’s all about kicking off your shoes and really letting yourself soak in everything you have around you.

Meital Dohan – On Ya ft. Sean Kingston

It’s obvious that you are a renaissance woman, with several talents, but you are also an in some ways an activist using your lyrics to promote and invite discussion about issues from plastic surgery in young girl, and anorexia, to sex and love, and feminism.

Yes, it’s very important to me that art doesn’t just entertain, but that it carries a larger social message within it. I use my music to speak about issues and topics that are really relevant and important to my audience. It’s a gift to be able to communicate and change people through your music, so I don’t take this lightly. The world in the past decade has gone so advance in every aspect of technology, however, one thing went backwards which is the way people relate and respect each other; so there is still a lot to do.

How important is it for you to provoke thought and conversation about societal issues in your music and performance art?
I want to get people to laugh and dance, but also to think about how they are living, and why they are living the way they do. We have to question our society and morals and never come complacent with the way things are. Complacency is when change stops happening and then how can we really grow?


Five years from now, what impact would you have wanted your music to have had on society?

You know I like to think about the influence Bob Marley had on the people, how he actually started a revolution through his music. I would like to use pop music to get people to really connect with each other. We’re living in a time where text message and Skype replace real love and human connection. I’d like to think that music is a great way to make people come together and unite for their love of the music and their shared listening experience.

On Ya,” and “Give Us Back Love” will be featured on your forthcoming album, “I am in Hate With Love,” what was the aesthetic  for the album?

It’s an album that is questioning self-love, and this time in life where people are more in love with themselves then they are with others. I think its a very narcissistic time to live – think of how many times a day we think about ourselves, post things on Facebook on Instagram about ourselves. This album is about the complex relationship with the modern love that puts real love on the back-burner in the name of self love.

You have been compared to the ‘greats’ Madonna, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, etc., what makes you different? How does Meital stand out on her own?

I’m the only one with a pet Tiger. Have you met Charlie?

More seriously I never like to make any comparisons between any artists since artists are human and all humans are different, however, I think the fact that I came from the acting world makes my music in my shows and videos come from a different place.

What’s next for Meital? 

I’m taking it day by day but there’s a lot of amazing things in the works. I’m back in the studio working on amazing music. I’m also working on a few movies and TV projects.

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Twitter: @meitaldohan




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