Artists on the Rise: Amanda Brown Talks Life After ‘The Voice’

Amanda Brown won the hearts of millions of Americans with her debut on NBC’s “The Voice” Season 3 October 2012. The soulful Bronx, New York native showcased her versatile magnetic vocals covering some of the most unlikely hits such as Aerosmith’s “Dream On,” Grace Potter and the Nocturnals,”Stars,”  Adele’s  “Someone like You,”, and Florence + The Machine’s “Spectrum.” From performing back-ground for superstars such as Alicia Keys, Lenny Kravitz, and Justin Timberlake, to being a contestant on The Voice Season 3, Amanda is ready for the world to see how much of a talented artist she is with her own music and her debut album.

Amanda Brown

Amanda performed new music for the first time ever, in a live online concert Sunday Aug. 4.  The rising star talked about her three new songs, working with songwriter Greg Tannen, her new album, and more.  Check out her Artists on the Rise interview below.

First off your voice is amazing, such versatility and strength.  What exactly is your range? 

Thank you, I don’t actually know what my range is – about 3 octaves, I think.

What was it like to perform your own new music exclusively for Amanda Brown fans worldwide live on  You said you were nervous, but fans totally could not tell.

It was an amazing feeling being able to perform my original tunes for the first time. I’ve been blessed enough to work with a talented musician and songwriter, Greg Tannen. I’m proud of the work we’re doing together. It’s always nerve-racking when you know people are going to hear something new that you’ve been working on. You don’t know what the response will be, so initially, you feel butterflies in your stomach. However, after I started singing the first song, I realized how much I enjoy them. I’d like to think that as long as I enjoy them, others will too (laughs).

You had some technical difficulties Sunday night, but you performed the full concert set all over for your fans, how important are they to you? I mean you did perform “Stars” and “Dream On” twice.

Yes, we were having a lot of trouble with the streaming initially, which was a bummer. There was no point in me having this show if my fans couldn’t see it. I only did the show for them. I wanted them to hear a few of the new tunes and see me perform live. Once we worked out the streaming issues, there was no question as to whether I’d do the show again. People paid for a show (whether it was $.10 or $100.) and I wanted to give them one.

Amanda Brown Performs Aerosmith’s “Dream On” on The Voice

Tell me about your new song “It’s So Right It Must Be Wrong.” It’s an amazing ballad.  What was it like performing it live for the first time?

Thank you. The three new songs I performed during the show I wrote with Greg Tannen. “So Right It Must Be Wrong” is a song about lovers. reflecting on the intensity of their love. The lyrics point to the notion that a union that beautiful is too good to be true and no two people deserve that much happiness.

Amanda Brown

You also performed the more upbeat “No Good,” you sing about someone trying to figure what is going on inside your head.  Sounds like it could be your next single. 

“No Good” is about someone who feels as if they don’t deserve the love of another. To put it simply. I don’t know what my first single will be but I’m glad you enjoyed it.

You have the ability to capture the emotion of a song when you perform, it’s believable, and it’s passionate.  How does the feeling of performing magnify and transcend when it is your own music you wrote?

I naturally have more of a personal connection to the music and lyrics when they’re my own songs. They are your thoughts, ideas, and experiences. However, I always strive try to be honest and connected to the music I and lyrics I perform, whether it’s my song or someone else’s.

You’ve been compared to Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys, but I hear a more Tina Turner meets Stevie Nicks and Christina Aguilera. How would you classify your sound?

Stevie Nicks and Tina Turner…wow! That’s a huge compliment. Thank you. A number of talented singers and musicians have influenced me, and continue to influence me. However, I don’t go into the studio trying to sound like a specific person.

Amanda Brown Performs Adele’s “Someone Like You” The Voice

Who are some of your musical influences? 

I’m influenced by many artists: Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Tina Turner, Ann Wilson, Mariah Carey, Sarah Vaughan, Grace Potter, and Robert Plant. My “sound”, I try not to think about to much. I just want to make music that I’m proud of and enjoy performing.

You told Rolling Stone about a song you wrote; inspired by John Lennon’s “God”, do you find a lot of writing inspiration in song or more through personal life experiences?

It really depends. It varies from song to song and experience to experience. I don’t follow a rule book when it comes to writing. I don’t consider myself an expert writer, so whichever method works at the time, I’m going to go with.

How does it feel to actually be living your dream?

Sometimes I forget just how blessed I’ve been. I’ve traveled the world, performed in awesome venues with incredibly talented performers, and now the journey continues. To have the opportunity to perform one’s original music, in any venue, is a gift. I’m very grateful.

So the question of the day…When is your album coming out?  Can we expect a single soon?

I don’t have a release date for the album yet. I don’t want to give everyone a date and then if, for some reason, the album isn’t released on that date, people will be disappointed. In order to avoid that, I’m going to hold off on giving dates. However, I’m working very hard to finish this music and have it out to everyone as soon as possible. Trust me, I’d like to release music and start touring as soon as possible, however, I want to release quality music – I don’t want it to be mediocre, and sometimes quality takes time.

What’s next for Amanda Brown?

More music. More live shows. Definitely, a tour. I want to tour the world performing music that I love and won’t stop until that’s accomplished.

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