Artists on the Rise: Blu Nyle Runs Deep, Socially Concious Rapper Here to Mixing Up the Rap Game


Blu Nyle, a self-proclaimed vessel of light, is one of the latest female rappers to come out of the LA scene.  Her Boston roots, combined with her Greek and Black background, short stint living in New York City, and latest home in LA are just a few of ingredients that influence her pop, tech, hip-hop infusion. Blue Nyle talks her new mixtape Triangular Suggestions, how Jay-Z helped her through her tough childhood, and more.

When did you discover your passion for hip-hop?

Music was my first Love! When I was three I thought I was Michael Jackson for a year & then when I was four, thought I was Whitney Houston. The passion for hip-hop rhyming was born inside of me. I started writing poems as soon as I could write and that turned into rapping. I’ve always known I was born to be a performer.

In August you released your debut mixtape Triangular Suggestions, it’s an eerily sweet combination of dance, pop, conscious rap tracks.

Triangular Suggestions is  the definition of change. A Triangle stands for change & the infinite power of three or more. My lyrics are uplifting, as I hoped to inspire love.  I call it a love tape, not a mixtape. If you think about it  traditional hip-hop “mixtapes” are meant to attack.  I think  Triangular Suggestions is more like a John Lennon approach.BLU_COVER

A “love tape,” that’s interesting. The dance hits like “Mango Juice,” and “Im Werking” are fun yet informative.  It’s like your saying go nuts, get crazy, while I spit about oppression, homophobia, or whatever other social issues.

It’s important for me to be socially inspiring.  I want to let the hip-hop community know that we must expand how we think. I’m an artist first and foremost, and creating is what I am here for, naturally it’s a passion of mine to help people. So I combine music and awareness to inspire people to feel good.

What do you think about when you go to the studio and create a song like “Alter Ego” or “Mango Juice?”

There is no pattern to my crazy creating. When I created “Alter Ego” I was thinking about my old ways & killing the old me off, paving the way for the rebirth of a wiser me. ‘“Mango Juice” was funny I went into the studio with Young Yonny and he asked me ‘How are you feeling today?’ I said ‘Mango Juice.’ ‘I’m feeling like mango juice.’ Meaning that is my creative juice exploded into the atmosphere (laughs). Basically I dig inside to tap into that creative mango energy magic.

Blu Nyle “Alter Ego”

 “Mango Juice” was nominated for “Best Hip-hop/Rap Song” at the eighth annual OUT Music Awards. What was that feeling like for your first single?

“Mango Juice” being nominated was the best feeling in the world. It’s an artists dream to be heard and understood. I am extremely thankful.

People have said you are the female Busta Rhymes, but you have an M.I.A. kind of flavor too, how would you describe your style and flow?

I’ve been compared to Eminem, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne. To be comparable is a humbling compliment. But I think my style is versatile.  I am a dancer, a rapper who can flow fast or slow and I sing. I guess, I would describe myself as an open & a vessel of light.

So you’re pretty much into trying new sounds and seeing what works.  That’s adventurous, who would you want to collaborate with?

I want to collaborate with Pink, Jay Z, Prince and Eminem.

Blu Nyle Performs “Holla Holla Holla”

Sounds like a great line-up.  I heard you say in another interview that you were a huge Jay-Z fan.

Growing-up as an inner-city kid in Dorchester, my mom was a dope dealing hustler, and my pops was a a pimp. It felt like Jay Z was like a big brother. Since “Reasonable Doubt,” I memorized each an every song and I was young living the life he was talking about. He told true stories & I shared the same story.

Wow, that’s deep.  So rap and art was your therapy, now it’s your form of self expression?

At different points in my life I was lost in the world I was born into.  I would be doing things that weren’t truly who I truly was, I was driving myself crazy. Jay-Z would describe that life. I remember, I even wrote a verse out of one of his songs and  gave it to my mother. I could communicate best by playing people songs.

Do you also relate to female rappers?  What do you think of the female rap game?

I think the rap game is cool now but I’m not wowed by anyone!

Really? No one?

I’m into Foxy Brown, Remy Ma-that undeniable real rawness. I think that the female industry is lacking that. But, I love Santigold and M.I.A. and I’m excited that Eve made a comeback.

What do you hope to contribute to rap, what is your imprint on hip-hop history?

I hope to contribute unconditional love to the hip-hop game! A funky fresh real style! I just want to make the youth feel good about them selves and inspire self-esteem.

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