Artists on the Rise: Sarah Charness Collides Classical Music and EDM on Her Electric Pink Violin

Petite and demur Sarah Charness lets her hot pink electric violin do the talking. The classically trained violinist is making a name for herself with each stroke of her strings; infusing electronic dance music and hip-hop flavor with classical violin Charness is putting string instruments on the map in a whole new way. The nation is taking notice of the rising star as sh has performed all over the country including the Steve Harvey Show, New York Fashion Week, CBS’s The Couch and more. I had the chance to watch her perform live in February during NY Fashion Week at the F.A.B Night Out Philanthropic Fashion Week Party and was immediately captivated by her energy, skill, and commanding stage presence. Keep reading to find out more about the women behind the pink violin.

Pink Violin
Pink Violin


Where does you musical background stem from

I was classically trained from a young age so much of my playing comes from my classical roots. I only started infusing  EDM along with other styles when I was a teenager. I started at the New England Conservatory Preparatory school.  I took lessons and training with other musicians once a week on Saturdays. From there,  I attended the University of Michigan where I got my degree in Violin Performance.

What type of music do you like to play?

I feel most at home in Dance or EDM but I released Classical Rap in December which is a hip hop track so Id like to say im expanding my boundaries.

You are highly energetic and with your one-of-a-kind signature pink violin the its captivating.  What was your first performance like and where was it?

My first time playing the pink violin was probably at one of those flatiron clubs, whose name  I’m sure has changed six times in the last seven years!  Im pretty sure I had No clue what I was doing as I was just learning how to infuse violin playing into EDM.

How have you grown as an artist since then?

I have learned a lot more about DJing  and how to fuse the sound of the violin with the beats and sounds of dance music. I’ve also become a much more confident performer. I think that confidence is 99 percent of the battle. There is always going to be someone out there that loves what you are doing and someone that hates it. It’s about believing in yourself.

Molly Joseph, DJ and Sarah Charness, electric violin rock out to Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamic” and “I need Your Love” Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding (Nicky Romero Remix)

You are taking over the nation performing for parties, events and the “Steve Harvey Show.” You have even performed on New York’s biggest stages such as Madison Square Garden, Fashion Week and Radio City Music Hall.  

Playing at these iconic venues is so exciting because you are playing in the footprints of so many talented artists. Its like visiting the White House …you feel like you are surrounded by history.

Are you from NYC?

Im actually from Boston but after living in New York for seven years I feel like a New Yorker. I feel like most of us New Yorkers are transplants anyway!

While you are a classical violinist it’s obvious that you are paving your own lane infusing EDM hip-hop and more.  So are you also a composer? 

Yes, I often write many of my melodies myself. I actually take a lot of inspiration from Bach and Vivaldi. My last record Classical Rap featuring Benatton, you could almost imagine the line I play coming from a Bach Suite although I don’t pretend to be nearly as talented!!

When you are not performing what do you like to do?

I am a total couch potato. I feel like I run around all day and when I’m not working, I just want to be a lazy bum. Im also a huge foodie and love trying new restaurants. If anyone has heard of anything good please tweet me, @sarahcharness.

What is something about Sarah Charness that your fans do not know?

I was a very high level gymnast at a young age. Many of the girls on my team were Olympic bound. I stopped because the sport was competing with music and I didn’t have the passion for gymnastics that  I did for music. It also has a really short shelf life.

So what’s next for Sarah Charness?

I am announcing a tour and new music shortly but am not allowed to consult with the media quite yet about it. I will get in touch shortly though when I am allowed to discuss the details!

But if you could build the production team you wanted who would you work with for your debut album?

Definitely Avicii and Pharell. That would be such a hot album!

For more on Sarah Charness check her out below:

Instagram: SarahPinkViolin


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