Artists on the Rise: Fatha Julz’s New Album Proves He’s a ‘Musical Chemist’

IMG_8860b   DJ Fatha Julz may have grew up in church and was exposed to music and gospel hymns at an early age, but the Michigan composer/songwriter/producer’s path to the music industry is different from your average church star.  He discovered his calling in the music industry while studying to become a dentist. In 2006, he released this first album “Dreambeats,” which was followed by two more projects infused with blends of classical, gospel pop and EDM.  Now after an almost 5-year hiatus he’s back with a new sound and new album.  Keep reading to learn all about Fatha Julz and his latest effort “New World.” How did you go from dental school to pursuing a career in music? I actually graduated and began to practice dentistry before I shared my music with the public. It’s interesting though I began to teach myself how to use music software while I was in dental school. Soon after it progressed from being a stress relieving hobby to a musical career that has reached TV, Movies and Internet Radio internationally. Did you ever become Dj Fatha Julz DDS or DMD? If not, do you want to go back at some point? Not a chance! Hahah DJ Fatha Julz is strictly about the beats… Tell me about the concept behind “New World.” I wanted to create a totally upbeat dance driven body of work. I deliberately tried to use rhythms and instruments that we don’t often hear on the radio and string them into a story of movement. Like the FLOTUS says “Let’s Move.” How does your foundation as a classically trained pianist and a church musician influence your music? There are certain chord progressions and classical melodies that don’t get featured in popular music these days so I feel like my piano training allows me we weave the old with the new. How would your define your sound? Its Playful electronic soul dance music. B.Scott  Come For The Queen (DJ Fatha Julz Club Mix) You said you are a composer first and a producer second.  For those who do not know what is the difference? And how do the titles influence the creative process? I feel like the composer is the thinker and the producer is the doer. I could come up with the concepts and write them down and give them to someone else to produce…or I can produce it myself. See the difference. To me there are two steps. Your gospel upbringing can be heard throughout. For example on the “Intro Medley” you come out the gate with electro-organ sounds. Tell me how the Medley embodies all of your skills as a composer. I wanted to pay homage to the musical legacy.  I was raised in at my childhood church in Flint, Michigan and all of the church anthems featured were songs we sang (and I played) as a teen.  The infusion of the church organ with electric funk is unique, because when you think of a gospel music that sound  doesn’t come to mind. I agree. Christian rap is just becoming popular, but you add an EDM feel. I love to mix things that don’t necessarily go together. I’m a musical chemist in some ways. Not afraid to experiment at all.   I love “Buck With Me.” It’s vibrant and a perfect summer dance/work out track. Are you playing the horns on this one too? Thank you! Buck with me is one of my favorite tracks to date. I’m not playing actual horns. Every sound you hear are computer generated native instruments through LOGIC/Garageband and played by me. How many instruments do you play? I generally stick to keyboard instruments mainly piano and organ. Although if you handed me a clarinet, bassoon or timpani and sticks I could still put on a good show. When you are creating a dance/feel good album how do you decide what songs make the cut?  What’s your process to creating an album like your 2007 Audio Ball or New World? Well Audio Ball had a clear goal, which was to feel like a recorded version of what you would see at a New York Drag Ball in the 90’s the songs are categories. In contrast with New World I didn’t want to have any songs that fit in the same lane. I wanted each song to be so drastically different from the others that the ones that sounded similar got cut. That’s how I picked which songs made it and which ones didn’t. Have you lent you production chops to any big names in music? Most notably J Lo (Billboard awards 2013) and Kim Burse (Creative director) Leave it on the Floor Movie soundtrack Tina McDowelle (Vanderpump Rules), Ben Roman What’s next for Fatha Julz? I’m working on projects with a few up and coming artists but as for myself I will be working on remixes to New World and some funky collaborations and further explore the New World. For more in Fatha Julz: Purchase “New World”  here. Website: Twitter: @fathajulz  Facebook: DJ Fatha Julz


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