Artists on the Rise: The RapFest

Just when you thought YouTube was the ultimate platform for hip hop artists and rising stars to share their raw talent, the RapFest, founded by hip hop journalist Rocko Rathon and accountant/entrepreneur Cuz Maven launches as an innovative way for producers, artists and aspiring rappers to connect all on one platform.

The RapFest  will debut on Sept. 2  its premiere episode of the groundbreaking cipher series that is set to change the landscape of digital media as we know it. Taking all of the elements that made its predecessors so successful, The RapFest – a membership – based digital platform that’s designed to bridge the gap between new artists, producers, and today’s top-tier Hip Hop talent looks to bridge the gap in ways never before seen.

Premiering on all major web platforms, as well as MTV Networks, the inaugural episode features Hip-Hop heavyweights Smoke DZA, Prodigy of the legendary Mobb Deep, and the RapFest’s UpNext artist, Delorean of Dallas, TX. Catch a sneak peak below and sign up at
The RapFest | Series 1| Teaser Featuring Smoke DZA, Prodigy, & Delorean

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