Artists on the Rise: D’Meetri Brings Social Justice Issues to the Forefront in His ‘Numb’ Video

Rapper/singer/ and audio engineer Dominique Demetrice Farrar, known by his stage name D’Meetri is back with his latest electro-pop single “Numb” and the attention grabing visuals to match.

Inspired by the lack of unity, police brutality, and senseless acts of gun violence D’Meetri offers mixed-media style vignette featuring news clippings from Trayvon Martin’s death and other national social justice issues. He uses his platform to highlight the fast-paced social media community within-what he calls a “desensitized” American society. “Numb” will be featured on his forthcoming project #drugssexnpolaroids.

The song is dope-and rather catchy and the imagery is on point too. What do you to think about D’Meetri’s sound and the “Numb” video? Let me know in the comments section.


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