Born to inspire. Created to redefine. Designed to outlast the test of time.

I’m my most authentic self at the intersection of digital storytelling and social media marketing. From hitting the pavement pen, pad, and camera in tow, creating news and video packages, interviewing athletes, entertainers and musicians, and designing photo galleries to crafting the social media voice for AOL, Beats By Dre and creating advertising copy for some of their most profound campaigns; then applying my expertise as an editor at a publishing startup for influencer owned lifestyle brands I’ve devoted my career to mastering how to create, share and market content digitally.

With my roots grounded in multimedia journalism and digital strategy powered by a Bachelor’s of Arts from CUNY New York and a Master of Arts from New York University, I nurture and revitalize brands across all social and monetizable platforms. I’m a creative waterfall, empowering people and brands to embrace authenticity and push the envelope to connect with the right people at the right time.